Cloud-based Server Manager (CBSM)

This Cloud-based Server Manager (CBSM) project is intended to provide moderators, and server administrators with simplistic server management tools. Taking into consideration the current difficulties for non-technical users to manage their game server effectively, this application sets out to simplify the process, while adding numerous other conveniences, where possible.

If you have been considering giving the Cloud-based server manager a try, please do! It's free, and only takes a minute. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

This project is currently under development, and has quite an aggressive development road map throughout 2016. It is my hope that you will keep an eye on the Cloud-based Server Manager for 7 Days to Die, as it grows into a suitable tool to help both you and your server moderators.

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Community Management

A secondary goal of this project, is to both create and improve upon existing venues which 7 Days to die server operators have to manage their community.
With this in mind, this server manager aims to assist with the creation of unique and enjoyable experiences for the player base on that server.

Game Server Manager

A final objective for this project, is to increase the efficiency of hosting and managing multiple remote servers, typically those which are leased from 7 Days to die hosting providers. These milestones would entail the manageability of proper back-up procedures, and rapid-deploy options while allowing non-technical users to quickly manage game settings and configuration files.

This project is planned and developed with server operators, and the community as a whole, in mind.
If you feel something had been missed, or prioritized inaccurately - please get in touch!

CBSM Screenshots