Welcome to the BETA!

It's nearly been an entire year! Wow.

To mark this milestone, the CBSM has received both a face-lift, and an entirely new back-end.
As has been said in the past, this project would not exist without users like you.

Not familiar with the CBSM, or what it offers players and server operators? Take a look here.

A large reason for this rewrite, was efficiency. While developing the application initially, most functionally had been accounted for. However, when it came time to implement them, additional effort went into expanding upon them - which has led to a variety of unexpected alterations throughout the project.

This latest endeavour has provided the opportunity to refine existing processes, and to expand the structure for newly planned functions - this has been made possible through user feedback.

At the time of this writing, the entire back-end has been re-written, and most of the interface reworked - which is now available to licensed users as an opt-in from the CBSM dashboard. It is hoped that this will allow a brief period of time to resolve any issues that may arise, prior to the Alpha 13 game update for 7 Days to Die. If you are not a licensed user, and would like to trial the new version - please get in touch.

Revision 48 Change Notes

  • Entirely new interface
  • Improved Reliability
  • Teleport Delays - Prevent players from escaping danger, by configuring a delay prior to the teleport
  • Teleport Blocker - Optionally prevent players from escaping if they take damage while waiting for a teleport
  • Currency shop now supports Entity Spawning
  • Player-operated Currency shop now supports Entity Spawning
  • Listener now automatically refreshes when settings are changed (removed: /listener-refresh)
  • Multiple Servers can now be managed simultaneously using multiple browser tabs
  • Routines:
    • Player data updated every 15 seconds
    • Entities (Map) updated every 25 seconds
    • Web UI Interactions processed every 15 seconds
    • Chat funneled to Web UI without delay
    • Firewall checks every 3 minutes, and on-join
  • In-game Mail System (to be reintroduced)
  • In-game chat translator
  • In-game Wiki
Known Bugs
  • Teleporting a player from the online player list, and then teleporting another player to the same target, will not work without reselecting the target
Technical / Performance
  • Internal listener cache (reducing CPU overhead)
  • Multi-threading
  • Asynchronous threads
  • Completed streamlining into existing listener connection
  • Various loops throttled to accommodate realistic usage
  • Improved configuration logic reducing number of conditional statements
  • Reduced Web UI bandwidth requirements (mobile-device users)

If you take this opportunity to trial the new version - thank you in advance.
Any issues can be reported here.